Something about me and my work

So far, all that been put into this blog have been book reviews. But if were to truly put in reviews of all the book I have read since I began this blog, then the space allotted by Google for my account would most certainly not have been sufficient:-)
Well, anyway, to get down to the more serious (or should I say, relaxing?) business of my blog…

Hmmm….I am an Analyst at a software firm – to be more precise, a Business Analyst. What I do there is to analyse (dont you hate that word? Makes me feel like a Psychotherapist) requirements from Clients. The Client says that it wants X function in a software – and it is my job to make sure it goes through the programming as the function X, and also reaches the Client as the required function X. Sounds easy, na? Let me tell you, it ain’t that simple.
What often happens is well illustrated below:

So, I guess that gives you a kind of handle on my career. More about me coming up soon.