People Gazing

Something I just loving doing when I am outdoors (or indoors for that matter) – People gazing 🙂

I just love looking at people, their attire, the way they walk, talk, and people with them 😉
In fact, things go to such an extreme, that sometimes my Hubby berates me when found gazing (hmmm…he calls it “staring”) at people.
That usually happens when we are at a Restaurant. I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes off an adorable kid or a beautiful salwar worn by some girl, and when Hubby talks to me, it would be like talking to a wall.
Let me relate an incident that happened sometime back when we were in the US. Every morning my friends and I would commute to office by the local DASH bus. And one fine day, we saw a lady in sunglasses with her five year old son, sitting opposite to us. To describe this lady – she was thin, blonde and usually got off at the stop right before or after ours. Rain or shine, her sunsglasses were plastered to her eyes (we learned the reason too later on, in another of our commutes). She would always have a pistachio-coloured cellphone with her, a huge bag and her son. 
Now for the son – the kid was very cute – again, blonde like his mom and chubby with grey eyes. He would have a small schoolbag with him and would be seated right next to his mom, either pestering her for her cellphone or watching the other people on the bus.
Now, we had been warned by many that Americans generally tended to mistrust strangers and were very wary of others taking an interest in their kids (can’t blame them, considering the crime rate there). Keeping this reminder in mind, we would look at li’l John (that was the kid’s name by the way) and watch his mom too. 
Usually Mom was busy on the phone, either texting or calling her friends. And each time John asked her something, she would ask him to sit straight and be quiet. Now, this “gaznig” went on for quite some time – it was real fun to see the interaction between the two :-). And finally one morning, we were as usual watching the kid, when he suddenly pointed at us and blurted out – “Mommy, she is STARING at me!!”. 
We immediately sat up straight and to all bystanders, it looked as though we had found something real fascinating about the floor of the bus.  But then, to our relief, the mom didn’t heed her son’s complaint and as usual told him to sit up straight and to be quiet. Well, li’l John looked crest-fallen, but would keep giving dirty looks at us, whenever he felt that one of us were looking at him. 
Anyway, that incident cured me of my hobby of ‘people-gazing’ for about ………… week.