Movie Review – Fashion


Director : 
Madhur Bhandarkar
Writers : 
Niranjan Iyengar (dialogue)
Ajay Monga (story)
29 October 2008 (India)

A movie with a marked difference compared to the usual rolled out of Bollywood – this is a heroine-centric movie, with the male actors having a significant role, but not large enough to be called ‘the Hero’.

Fashion is a very well-made movie, giving the viewers a glimpse into the life of models and the fashion industry. The protagonist of the movie is Meghna Mathur (played by Priyanka Chopra – former Miss World) who plays the role of a girl from a small-time town in Chandigarh, coming to Mumbai with aspirations to become a model (neeedless to say, against the wishes of her parents).

The first half deals with the trials Meghna has to undergo in the fashion industry, and her rise from being a nobody to the top model in the industry. However, she becomes the reigning queen by replacing Shonali Gujral (played by Kangana Ranaut) who was the showstopper on all fashion shows as well as the covergirl of Panache, the fashion magazine.

The second half sees the fall of Meghna Mathur and her subsequent attempts to rehash her image and make a comeback.          


I must say that Kangana Ranaut steals the show in her portrayal of Shonali – her style on the ramp and her flair in catwalk – leaves the viewers spellbound. In comparison, Priyanka scores very poorly and can never hope to make the kind of impact that Kangana has in the movie. 

Most of the quirks of the fashion world has been portrayed in the movie, from subtle hints about gay designers to wardrobe malfunctions that have maligned the industry several times. 

The male actors who have significant roles in the movie are – Arbaaz Khan (as Abhijit Sarin the owner of Panache magazine), Ashwin Mushran (as a lovable would-be designer Rohit Khanna) and Samir Soni (as Rahul Arora – a top designer ). All of them excel in their roles and are a very welcome addition to the cast.

Mughda Godse plays the part of a model who befriends Meghna during her underdog days, and then is treated badly once Meghna is at the top.

The movie ends on a happy note where Meghna manages to get the support of her family, and once again become a super model.