My Life Changing Device

I was all of 5 years when I fell in love for the first time. She was with my Grandma, glancing shyly around, and that was when I caught sight of her. Her beautiful diamond-shaped face and golden ringlets had me enthralled.  I wanted her as my best friend at that very instant.

Imagine my delight when I found her all alone one day, looking lonely and forlorn. I couldn’t wait to play with her and fulfill my heart’s desire. But alas! The moment my grandma found us together, she took her away and banished me forever from my friend. I was heartbroken. I didn’t think I could live without seeing her ever. I consoled myself by trying to get a peek at her every time my Grandma went out with her.

Fast forward 3 years….I still hadn’t forgotten my friend and longed for her. That was when I fell in love for the second time. My Mom had brought me a friend of my own, with a perfect round face in pretty brown garb. And she has been my best friend ever since, supporting me through thick and thin, during stress and strain and especially at exam times. Countless times she has warned me when I was running late for an appointment. Often, my days have revolved around her.

She is my very own…………….TITAN.



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  1. Nice one yaar.. I accept that watch is one of the most important device in exam hall.. Great concept.. All the best.. Do stop by my attempt and let me know how it is..

    –Someone is Special–

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