BabyWe have a maid to care for Baby when we are off at work. The Maid is a funny being – she comes from a family of 10 – a band of 4 sisters and 6 brothers. She is a spinster and believes that all her brothers’ wives are devils in disguise….I’d rather not go into the reasons here. Her Dad is a drunkard (in her view) and her Mom has been a suffering soul in the midst of the fights between her daughters-in-law and her Significant Other’s drunken antics.

Recently, she got the idea that she was possessed being followed about by a Servantghost. The reason for this conclusion – she caught the scent of something that none of us seemed to notice and saw a shadow when she was alone :-). Actually the shadow was that of a curtain fluttering about in breeze.

Being the most superstitious creature I have ever known, she begged off work for 2 days to consult a Jyothish, i.e. an astrologer. The Jyothish even managed to identify the ghost for her – it was the ghost of her sister’s dead friend (I wonder how he did that – maybe he can google up Ghost locations!). And he declared that she had to wear a locket containing a few Scripture verses. Wonder of wonders, the Friend Ghost stopped bothering her πŸ™‚ Anyway, that goes to prove the power of a subtle suggestion from the right quarter.

GhostShe takes care of Baby very well….however a few of her quirks are really unbearable. She keeps abusing her relatives to anyone willing to listen to her, and the language used is abominable. I don’t think I would hear stronger language even fromΒ  street fighters. I really wouldn’t like Baby to grow up hearing such language.

And now and then, she goes all dumb ( as in, does not speak to anyone) and her face looks as though a nest of wasps has attacked it (well, you get the picture). And we have no clue what we did to deserve it πŸ™‚

And to top it all off, she keeps mumbling and grumbling to herself half the time.

So tell me folks, what should I do? Do I let her continue, or should I look for someone new?