Last Day at WorkTwo more days and it will be the last day at my very first job……Then, we are moving to the Garden City. We are very apprehensive of how we will manage things, since we are moving  to a completely unknown city. We will need to find a place to stay, furniture for the new apartment (when we find it), transport stuff from our old place to the new one…and the biggest change of all, find someone to care for Baby while we are at work.Moving Day

As mentioned in an earlier post, our current maid is half nuts, and has decided against moving with us (I am thanking my stars for that). But the flip-side is, we now have to find someone else who is trustworthy enough to care for Baby. We are both optimistic (well, actually Hubby is more optimistic, I tend to be the Devil’s advocate 🙂 )  And as a friend once mentioned, our apartment and maid are waiting somewhere for us, we just need to reach them somehow  🙂 I think that is a nice way of putting that everything will fall in place when the time is right.

The New Year is going to bring in a new job, new location, new apartment, new stuff for the apartment.

And with that, I am signing off for the foreseeable future…Will post something as soon as I am settled in somewhere.