Welcome Bouquet
My welcome bouquet

Yesterday was my first day at my new job in the New Year. I was pretty surprised to receive a welcome bouquet there. And I received the standard issue of stationery – a spiral-bound notepad, pencil, eraser, sharpener and a pen.

The Resource Management person came to meet me first and got me to fill up a few forms. Then came the HR guy with a bevy of forms to be filled in both online and offline. They were very friendly and glad to help. In fact, as soon as I was recruited into the organisation, my contact person at the Recruitment department kept making enquiries and following up now and then. This is a simple but effective gesture, that can make a person feel cherished by the new organisation.

Then I was shown to a Training Room, where I was left in peace to fill up all the forms and be done with the joining formalities. Later on, once I had completed them all, I was given access to a system where all the organisation-related sites were introduced to me.

Lunch was with HR and in the afternoon, I was given an HR induction session where all HR policies were explained in detail.

What stood out the most during all these sessions, was the friendliness of these people and the ever-helping hand extended to the new employee. No concern was deemed too trivial to be laughed off, and each was given its due importance and explained or resolved.

Today I met several of the Managers I would be interacting with in my job and they all seemed to be very friendly and ready to help. They explained what their job functions were and patiently clarified any doubts I had.

Hot Pot of LanguagesUntil I came to this City, I was quite apprehensive of how I would fit in here. The City is a roiling, boiling hot pot of languages, and the more one knows, the merrier. I am a person who sticks to the two lingos I speak fluently. So many here are out to make fashion statements everyday, whereas I merely toddle along in the dungeons of fashion and accessories.

However, after joining here, I feel pretty comfortable (of course its only been 2 days, but still..) and think I can make something of myself out here.

More on my experiences in the Garden City in upcoming posts.

Till then, signing off.