The Plague of Reality Shows and Serials

Rakhi ka SwayamvarReality shows and never-ending mega serials are turning into a real pain in unmentionable spots of one’s body. A few months back, I thought we had reached the pinnacle of ludicrous shows with “Rakhi Ka Swayamwar” wherein Rakhi Sawant was trying to find and select a groom. Considering her reputation, I thought there would hardly be any takers…but wonders never cease…it seems there were hundreds of applications to the show. And finally, after a lot of hum and drum, Rakhi managed to snag a guy.

Then came the preposterous  “Pati, Patni Aur Woh” – from your truly Rakhi Sawant – featuring couples (including Rakhi and her ‘beloved’ Elesh) and babies. The show tried to pick the best couple who could care for a baby. Sheeeeesh…the extent people will go to get their kids a chance at stardom…it is pathetic!

Of course, it is not just in Hindi that we have these kinds of shows…all regional languages are culpable of this offence too…..In Tamil, there were plans of bringing in a ‘Swayamvar’ for actress Rambha….but for some reason it was quietly shelved. Thank God there hasn’t been anyone nuts enough to even consider such a show in Malayalam. There, the craze is for music of all sorts. There’s Idea Star Singer (weekdays 8pm -9:30pm and weekends filled with the Junior version), Superstar Junior, a competition for poetry, another for Mappila songs and so on.

Maybe, someday soon someone will begin reality shows for selecting the best rape scenes, the best ways to crack your skull and so on. However, Indian Television does not have a brain of its own to cook up such things. The moment someone airs it on any of the Western channels, the same show is Indianised and aired here. Examples are –

1.       Sony’s “Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao” copycatted from “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!

2.       Sony’s “Indian Idol” copied from “American Idol”.

3.       Star Plus’ “Master Chef India” copied from “Master Chef Australia

4.       Upcoming “India’s Minute to Win it” xeroxed from “A Minute to Win It” now being aired on Star World.

5.       The most famous of “Kaun Banega Crorepati” downloaded and translated from “Who wants to be a Millionaire?

And the list goes on……

Another bane of our existence is the number of soap operas aired everyday from morn to night. Who will save us from the scourge of Saas-Bahu serials? In each of these serials, the women are the protagonists, both good and evil. The evil ones are even worse than Lucifer himself, while butter wouldn’t melt in the mouths of the angelic ones. Irrespective of how poor the family is, the women folk are always drenched in gold and silver, and draped in fine silks. Even when they are ready to go to bed (in the serial), the women have 10 coats of foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick and eye-shadow on their faces and are still draped in silks and jewels. For God’s sake, which female of your acquaintance wears such stuff to bed?

Another phenomenon in the world of serials is that the actors never gain age. Even if they are depicted as a grandmother of 65, they still look as young as a 25 years old woman. This is usually applicable to the actresses. Maybe they have a clause in the Serial Actress Union’s agreement that they should never be depicted as an old lady.

There ought to be at least some modicum of self-respect for the directors as well as the actors. It may be true that the beautiful clothes and cosmetics make the serial look good and interesting. But the flip-side is that it could also create discontent among people when they see such stuff as if in daily life. Dear Directors and Producers, for pity’s sake, don’t make these serials a mockery of life and turn them into Lifetime pre-paid connections.

If things go on as they are heading now, you and I will be able to grow old with the same serial that we started watching when we were in our teens, with the actors getting younger and younger as the days go by.


One thought on “The Plague of Reality Shows and Serials

  1. Rakhi ka swayamvar was a shock to me too… I still can not believe that there are guys who want to marry Rakhi…. This just goes to show what losers guys can be… 😉
    Jokes apart
    Personally I don’t really believe that reality shows are real… Its all fake…
    That’s what I think… Who knows what’s true…

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