During the weekend I was out with Hubby, scouring for an internet connection for my new laptop (Yes! Yes! Yes! I have a brand new lappie…my very own…More about it in a future post).

And we were getting ready to cross the road in front of Forum. For those of you unfamiliar with the Garden City (as well as those in it) , the traffic junction in front of Forum Mall is like a jungle – with cars going every which way, pedestrians crossing at every possible opportunity and the traffic cops simply gawking at all the proceedings.

Well….Saturday evening was a different matter altogether. Tom SelleckThere he was,Β  a real hunk of a cop, standing in the middle of the road directing the traffic and pedestrians alike.

First off, a bit of description. Unlike his usual overweight counterparts, this one was a real looker. Tall and well-built, he looked a lot like Tom Selleck. His uniform was impeccable and reminded me of those motorcycle driving cops in American movies, with their huge helmets (this guy was also sporting a helmet). Well, you get the picture now, don’t you? Also, he looked energisedΒ  and electric……and that he meant business (the usual look for an Indian traffic cop pictured below).

A usual Indian Traffic Cop
A usual Indian Traffic Cop

Not a single person was allowed to cross his turf (i.e., the road in front of the Mall) unless the light had turned green for pedestrians. Any wiseguys who decided to ignore him were given the full blast. Two wisecracks (must be IT professionals) thought it would be funny to cross the road right under his nose, and they were made to back up all the way to the next zebra crossing before crossing the road πŸ™‚ Some were threatened with a fine and a ticket for attempting to cross him :-D.

Another guy holding a baby tried to cross the road and the Traffic cop was on to him in a jiffy, made him go back to the kerb and patiently explained to him the dangers of crossing the road before the pedestrian light turned green. There were wide-eyed college girls on either side of the road, watching him covertly and tittering and giggling with friends about how handsome he was πŸ™‚

For a change, here was an Indian Traffic Cop who actually knew his job and was doing it. Kudos to you!

Psst…Wish I had a real pic of him to post here. Unfortunately, my Hubby did not think it prudent of me taking any pics of hunky cops 😦  Hmphhhh.