Autos and Fare Fights = Join the Tribe

An Autorickshaw

The past few days I have been getting really mad at the auto-rickshaw drivers in the Garden City. they seem to think that just because they have a vehicle to ply people, they can charge any exorbitant amount. A distance of 2km is supposed to be just Rs 17. And a rupee is added for every hundred metres, i.e., Rs 10 per kilometre.

And the auto drivers of the city prefer to bleed anyone dry (there are some decent people among them, no offense meant to this category) by charging whatever number catches their fancy. And even worse is their attitude – if at all they agree for a lower fare after a fight, then they ensure that the passenger is the least comfortable by jumping over every pothole on the road.

Buses of the City

I was so fed up that I decided to try the public transport system – the buses of the City. However, an even bigger problem loomed there. The City is so enamoured of its native language, that the boards on buses are all inscribed in that script, and the only way a non-native can identify a bus is through the number – again, provided you know the bus number plying each route.

So, now I have a new project on hand – learning to read the language (I know it is hopeless to learn to speak it, I am useless at learning to speak languages). That seems the only way to beat them at their game. Considering that I started just 2 days back, I can already identify all the vowels ( if they are not calligraphic).

Will keep you posted on my progress.




  1. You are a fast learner… πŸ™‚
    Auto walas are the same across the country gal… They do whatever they fancy…
    And about that potholes thing, I seriously feel like killing them for that…. πŸ‘Ώ

  2. Love your approach. sad thing is, in garden city some of the bus numbers are in native language too. 😦

    About auto… I know. sometimes, when I travel overnight and land there early in the morning with luggage, I pay 60 rs to get from madivala to koramamgala 5th block. Thats like 10 mins walk. 😦

  3. wow!! two days and you can already identify vowels?? thats amazing!! i have been studied Kannada for ten years and even now i can barely manage to speak it. i somehow learnt to read and write accurately in my last two years of learning it!! as for the bus systems?? give it up!! get a car-drive around yourself. its better!!
    though i am a non-Bangalorean i think that applies to most Indian cities. and plus you can always try the volvo busses as they have both English and Kannada boards.

    • As I said, speaking the language is something I know I am no good at and so, won’t even bother attempting it. I can learn to read Kannada only while I am in this state as no where else will I get sufficient practice.
      As for driving – I am sorry to say that I am as useless at driving as I am at speaking foreign languages. So, now you know why I really need to learn the script πŸ˜‰
      And thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚

  4. If you can read the bus destinations, that may be enough. Don’t really need to speak the language in a city like Bangalore. I use the buses everyday to office and only sometimes the auto.

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