Poora State ko Gaanv bana diya????

Something I overheard today in our team. Our Project Manager was asking one of the team members what he thought about the Garden City. So he replied – In spite of people being educated and professionals in the Garden City, when someone converses with him, and gets to the question – “Where are you from?”, the following is what happens:

He : “Mein Ranchi se hoon.” (I am from Ranchi.)

Them : (after a pause) Oh! Woh Bihar gaanv ke paas! (Oh! Near the village of Bihar!)

He : Nahin, Ranchi Jharkhand mein hai. (No, Ranchi is in Jharkhand.)

Them : Haan, wohi, Jharkhand Bihar gaanv ke pass hi hai na! (Yes, Thats what I meant. Jharkhand is near Bihar village , isn’t it!)

He : #@!**/#@!

N.B: For those of you unfamiliar with India‘s geography, Bihar is a full-fledged state in eastern India and Jharkhand state was carved out of Bihar in 2000. Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand (shown below).

Title : A Whole State has been made into a village???


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  1. This is so typical of ignorance of other regions all over India. All people south of the Vindhyas become Madrasis. Here it is a case of Poore re ion ko sheher bana diya.

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