I was walking back from office one evening when I suddenly decided that I wanted to check out the neighbourhood FabIndia shop. It was around 6 by the time I came out of the shop, but not yet dark. And instead of the usual direct way home, I took the more circuitous way (which is incidentally why I got to write this post)

Filled with thoughts of my smiling, giggly Baby at home, I was fast approaching my home. And that’s when I heard it – a tiny whimper. It sounded like someone wounded.

I looked around me – but could not see the source of the sound. Thinking that maybe it was a bird or a distant car horn, I walked ahead.

Again. The whimper started. This time, I stopped in my tracks and looked carefully around. I was almost near my home and just a few steps would take me in. But I couldn’t ignore that sound. It seemed so sad and I was compelled to do something for whoever it was.

That was when I saw it – a little stray puppy laying on its side near the kerb was whimpering. It had tears coming out of its eyes and seemed to be in a lot of pain. My own eyes were filled when I saw it. For some reason, the little thing reminded me of my Baby and the way he whimpers when he is sad.

I stood staring at it for some time, and resolutely walked ahead to reach the sanctuary of my home. What could I do? I live in a small apartment with no place for pets. Besides, I had my baby to consider – the puppy was a stray, and who knew what diseases it might bring into my home?

As I climbed the stairs to the second floor, I couldn’t resist looking at the little one. There were several people walking by – some who didn’t spare even a glance at the little thing, and some who kept pointing at it, some laughing at it.

But who am I to cast stones? And it now makes me sad to realise that maybe I could have at least given it some water and alleviated its suffering.

And it has awakened a new thought in me – here was a little animal in suffering and I ignored it. So did so many passersby. Would I and these ‘Others’ do the same if it was a fellow human in a similar situation? What if I or the ‘Others’ had to get somewhere quickly? Or what if it was dangerous to get involved? Would we leave that human to fate?

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