Is that Smoke I Smell?

I woke up to the smell of smoke in my bedroom yesterday.

SMOKE!!!!!!!! That means a fire!

Wait a minute……I have all the windows open. Maybe the smoke is coming from outside. Immediately I could hear the Inner Me guffawing – “Yeah SURE. Who in his right mind would go about burning things in public at 2 in the morning??”. “Well, it was just a thought” – The Other Me whispered back.

Anyway, I could still smell smoke and it was time to get out of the bed and investigate. I went about the room, sniffing like a Doberman.

My smoke detection checklist –


Aha! There was the culprit. I could get a strong smell of smoke from the Bedroom main switches, especially from the fan regulator. I shined a torch on it , and there it was – I could see wisps of smoke slowly meandering about. And that DISGUSTING smell!

2:15 AM: Good. Now that I had located the source of the smell (and smoke), I should now decide my next course of action. Of course, screaming out “FIRE!!!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!” is always a good choice.

But to do that, there should be an actual live fire. Something everyone could see. All I could see were a few wisps of smoke.

For a sec I considered waiting till then. Hmmmmmmm……maybe that is not such a good idea, I thought. Scratch that.

Ok, got to think of something else.

First things first, get Little One out of the room. I carried him out of the bed and put him down in his cot in the drawing room. Great! Now he is wide awake. Couldn’t ask for a better time to have him awake.

Next, I called the maid by knocking atleast 25 times on her bedroom door. Finally! She is awake. I left Little One in her care and called our landlord from the floor below us.

He came in armed with his wife and a torch, ready to investigate the matter, but looking highly dubious. He couldn’t believe that there was smoke, let alone a fire, and kept repeating that all the wires used were fire-proof. And by now, there were only traces of the smell of smoke in the room [Oh! Forgot to mention that – I had thrown open all the windows in the room and turned off all the switches.].

He too started sniffing the room and could not locate the source. Then he started turning on the switches one by one and sniffing the room. That was a really funny sight 🙂

Finally when he switched on the fan, the tiny white wisps of smoke started puffing up and he was finally convinced that we were on the verge of having a fire. Then he began the elaborate process of unscrewing the switch panel and checking out the wires one by one. After turning off the Mains of course…wouldn’t want a fried landlord in the house, now do we 🙂

So that was how I smelled smoke in the middle of the night and had it fixed. Good thing my Landlord knew how to fix such stuff…else who knows how many days I’d have had to go without a fan in my room.

And remember I told you that Little One was wide awake? Well, he just decided that it had become morning for him and decided to start playing. At 3 in the morning 🙂

Luckily, his ingrained habit soon kicked in and by around 4:30AM he was ready to go to sleep 🙂



  1. It was the Arrange Marriage Post I could never reply to. What a fantastic post! Anyway- glad you have a good nose. Our dog smelled the house across the street- on fire. We were the ones to call the fire department. She went NUTS- running around the house going crazy barking. I finally looked out the front window to see if someone was in the yard- SPouse was checking the inside of the house- and saw flames overtaking the neighbors garage.

  2. Oh my word. You deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS for figuring out the source of the smoke smell, getting your Little One into good care, and then dragging the landlord up to investigate. So happy that all worked out!

    I laughed out loud at your line, “Couldn’t ask for a better time to have him awake.” 🙂

    You go, girl!

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