I wonder what it is with boys and climbing – anything 2 feet above the ground seems to sends them into spasms of utter joy and lands them in climbing heaven.

Little One has decided that climbing over tables and chairs is the current ‘IN’ thing for one-year-olds and is now busy climbing over all the furniture in the house.

His favourite pastime is climbing over the living-room couch, and then moving on to the next one by crawling over the hand-rests and then pulling up the curtains near it.

And finally, yesterday I got a real bad scare.

Little One was, as usual, climbing over the living room table, and then dancing on the table-top watching TV commercials. His dance is something very funny. He stands rooted to one spot and keeps swaying with the tune.

As he grew more and more excited with the tune, the TV and general exultation in being on the table-top and no one trying to bring him down to the ground, he decided to start moving around and explore his surroundings (a.k.a. the table-top).

All of a sudden, the next thing I heard was a loud ‘THUD’, a scream and someone scrambling up.

As I rushed to Little One, he was crying his heart out, with arms over his face and there were little specks of red on his nose. I could see a drop or two of blood coming out of his nose as well.

My heart almost stopped on seeing him in this state. Blood! And that too from the nose! My mind suddenly going over the worst possibilities – Could he have cracked his skull? Or maybe broken his nose? Could there be any brain damage? And so forth….Mothers, I guess you get the gist of where I was heading in my mind.

But outwardly, I assumed complete control over the situation, calmly scooped him up and started applying ice-packs to his forehead and nose. Not that he was willing to let me apply the ice-packs. All he wanted was to bawl and be held while he was doing that.

After awhile, he stopped crying and now was my chance to assess the damage. His nose was already blooming purple and red with tiny specks. There was no more blood, and he was now beginning to grow interested in things around him…but he still didn’t want to be placed down.

Since there was a trauma and a nose bleed (from the mouth of a physician), and as it was better to be safe than sorry (from the mouth of a mom), we decided to take him to the nearby hospital and have him checked out.

At the hospital, Little One began to grow interested in the fluorescent lights and the nurses and the people there. He also wanted to explore the Waiting Room chairs. He was beginning to look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (just the nose part) πŸ™‚ .

Soon we were called by the doctor and Little One started to scream again as the doctor shined his torch into his nose and ears. Reasons : 1. Doctor was a stranger. 2. Little One wanted the torch for himself. 3. He was being forced to lie down on the consultation couch, while he wanted to stay nestled in Mommy’s arms.

To wrap things up, Mom was crazy to be so worried as Doc said there was nothing wrong with Little One, save a little injury inside the nose. He prescribed an analgesic and we were soon on our way back.

And today morning, Little One was completely back to normal – as usual climbing over the chairs and beds. But, he seems to be wary of the living-room table now. Will it last? Who knows! πŸ™‚

All of you women with sons or brothers – do boys generally tend to climb over things – more than girls? While we girls demurely play with our dollies, tea-sets and kitchen toys?