India being a land where almost 98% of its populace sport black hair, it has always been my wish to try hair colour. Also, most Indians being blessed with a dusky complexion, even the most common hair shades may not suit their skin, making them look like they have indeed been using hair colour. However, to any user of hair colour, that is the last thing they would wish to draw attention to – that they use hair colour – which often translates to covering up gray hairs, and not trying to be trendy.

So these were my criteria to use a hair colour-

  • It should not make me look like I am wearing a coloured wig
  • It should look natural with my skin colour
  • It should not cause hair fall

That was when I came across Wella Kolestint – a new hair colour launched in the Indian market and touted to be suitable for Indian skin.

Blogadda in collaboration with Wella was conducting a hair colour review wherein interested parties could send in their addresses and Wella would send a pack of hair colour to them. They were then supposed to try the hair colour and review it on their blog.

So here is my review of Wella Kolestint hair color.

A few weeks ago I received my trial pack from Wella. It was a shade called ‘Darkest Burgundy’.

The box contained:

  1. A pre-color Treatment with Almond Extract
  2. One tube of Colour Creme
  3. One bottle of Creme Developer
  4. After Color Intense Shine Treatment/Conditioner
  5. A pair of gloves
  6. Instruction leaflet.

Alright, so I now had all the ingredients to turn my raven-haired self into a burgundette.

As per instructions in the leaflet, I was supposed to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before application. Since this was my first time with hair colour, I thought this was a prudent precaution and decided to delay my conversion for 48 hours.

48 hours later –

Ok…so looks like I am free of any allergies. I guess I can go ahead on my quest again.

Next step, I applied the Pre-Color Treatment on my hair and left it on for a few minutes. In the meantime, I mixed the Colour Creme and the Creme Developer and thoroughly mixed it in a bowl. Then applied it over my hair (over the pre-color treatment already on my hair). I waited for about 50 minutes, and washed it off with water.

I then applied the After Color Intense Shine Conditioner, just like you apply any conditioner over your hair after a shampoo. This is supposed to give shine and softness to your hair. hair already looks burgundy. Now. to see how good it looks after drying it.

After drying my hair –

Wow! It really does look good. I don’t look like I have coloured my hair…I look like a natural burgundette πŸ™‚

Well…..Wella seems to have the right recipe this time. I couldn’t compare it to other brands as I have never used hair colour before…but this one seems pretty fine to me πŸ™‚