And the Award Goes To……….(drumrolls)

Here is an award conferred by Elegant Chic – The Sunshine Award. And there is also a tag to go along with it – My Favourites.Sunshine Award

My Favourite:

  1. Food: Spaghetti Carbonara – loved it ever since I had a sampling at Naples (Itay)
  2. Colour: Blue
  3. Sports: Lazing about on the couch
  4. Desserts: The list is too long. A few desserts I love – Falooda, Cheese cake, Gulab Jamun.
  5. Artist/Singer/Band: Yanni and Enya, my eternal favourites. Read my thoughts on music here.
  6. Pair of shoes: Whatever fits me without pinching my feet and lets me walk miles and miles.
  7. Accessory: My trusted wristwatch – I am lost without one.
  8. Hobbies: Just Books and Blogs
  9. Beauty product: Kajal – nothing more, nothing less. I think I look like a zombie without Kajal on my eyes.
  10. Snacks: Samosas, Dahi bhelpuri, dahi samosa
  11. Movies: Generally sweet romantic comedies or christmas romances – I especially liked Four Christmases, Shrek series

And now to pass on this award to bloggers who bring sunshine into my life –

The Journey of Building Our Family

Big Happy Nothing

Butterfingers for Breakfast

Have fun and pass it on!


3 thoughts on “And the Award Goes To……….(drumrolls)

  1. Thank you so much for the award! I look forward to responding, though I don’t think I will be half as witty as you! With that, I thank YOU for bringing sunshine into my life by nominating my blog!

    All the best,

    Amiable Amiable

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