Status Symbols in Today’s World

In the corporate world today, cellphones are more of a status symbol than a device to be used in case of necessity.

Listen to what a Mumbai-ite has to say about this development and how it is affecting his work-life.

” I have a Blackberry, which pretty much serves all my communication needs, be it browsing the Internet or calls. However, my colleagues seem to think that any smart phone that is touted globally ought to be in their pockets as soon as it is released.

Whenever there is a meeting, they all strut up, are seated and immediately place their phones on the conference table. And the array is dazzling. You have Samsung Galaxies, Nokia N series phones and so on. But the one most commonly seen today on the table is the iPhone 4. Once my colleague, on seeing my Blackberry, had a confused look on his face. And he asked – “Arrey, yeh kya hai Raj? Blackberry? iPhone kyon nahin?” [Translation: Hey, what is this Raj? Blackberry? Why not iPhone?]

Another case in point – as soon as one reaches as certain designation, it is understood that he/she will have a car and a driver. And considering the traffic congestion in Mumbai and the ease of getting around using public transport, I generally travel by train or bus. And while I hang on in the train, our Accounts clerk is also there with me, while looking on incredulously. One day he garnered up the courage to ask – “Saab, Aap kyon train aur bus mein chalthe ho?“.

So there you have it. The latest cellphone is a fad, and not a necessity in modern India. And expecting people to travel with cars and drivers in a heavily congested city – all because the public expects it.

What do you think is the latest status symbol in today’s world?



  1. I think, but I’m not sure, that the iPad might also be a status symbol, or at least a “must have” by scads of people. Anything with an “i” before it falls into that category. So, I have decided that I am going to invent something like, I don’t know, an electronic lint remover, and call it the iLint-Remover so I can make millions.

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