Who Said Honesty is Dead?

In HKali Yugaindu mythology, time is made up of 4 ‘yugas’ or eras –

  1. Krita Yuga or Satya Yuga
  2. Treta Yuga
  3. Dvāpara Yuga
  4. Kali Yuga

Each age sees a gradual decline of dharma, wisdom, knowledge, intellectual capability, life span and emotional and physical strength. They together constitute 4,320,000 years. Currently, we are supposed to be in the Kali yuga, the worst era to be in, when there is no dharma at all.

And just as significant is the fact that these are the years when humans are most riddled by wars, famines, droughts, floods, earthquakes and all kinds of natural and man-made disasters. Murders, robberies and rape abound in this cursed era – which in turn, strengthens Hindu belief that this must indeed be the Kali Yuga prophesied. In this era, no one is expected to have moral values.

Yet, I once found an instance of genuine honesty. Once, during my Final year, we were returning to College after vacations, by the local transport bus. My friend R had a gift wrapped parcel with her, which was meant to be gifted to one of our friends the following day. Unfortunately, when we reached class, she suddenly realised that she didn’t have the gift with her anymore. After a good deal of brainwracking, she finally decided that she must have left in on the bus.

We had no hopes of getting it back, and yet, on the off-chance that someone may have found it and left it at the Bus Station, we dashed off there (which was around 45 minutes away from our College). Of course, we didn’t even know which bus we had come by. Armed with the stub of the ticket we travelled by earlier, we reached there and enquired at the Station about anyone depositing a lost and found parcel. The reply was negative.

Dejected, we decided to return. That was when it came to our notice that a group of bus drivers were chatting around near their buses. We thought that asking them was worth a try. And we approached them. With whatever linguistic skills we had in tamil, we managed to make them understand our dilemma. They seemed amused that two grown and (seemingly) responsible girls could lose something so important, and then go around asking for it. But our hunch to approach them paid off, and soon one of them came forward with the missing parcel!

And then they saw us off in another bus back to College with warnings to be careful and not lose it again.

They could have kept it for themselves and just ignored us when we approached them. Yet, they were honest and happily returned the parcel to us.

Tell me, have you ever experienced honesty from complete strangers?

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