Review: Lara Croft Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life

Lara Croft Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life was one movie I always wanted to watch, ever since its release in 2003. Today, I finally got to watch it on the ZStudio channel. And boy, oh, boy, I think I was lucky that I never watched it till now.

I won’t bother boring you with the plot as it is extremely predictable – Babe archaeologist Lara gets it into her head that she can save the worked from doom by locating the Pandora’s Box, which is supposedly hidden in a site code-named ‘The Cradle of Life’. As usual, there is the evil billionaire who wants to unleash it on the world and of course, there is Lara’s love-interest (albeit, ‘ex’) hanging around saving Lara from dastardly plots of the evil billionaire.

The action sequences are quite interesting – there is one with the Chinese terracotta warriors and the hired Chinese goon who is trying to kill Lara, which I thought was pretty good. I wonder what it is with movie-makers; the moment the words ‘archaeologist’ and ‘Chinese’ are mentioned in the same breath, all of a sudden the Chinese terracotta warriors appear out of thin air! Is that the only archeological artifact that the Chinese have to boast about?

Anyway, what really irritated me was the complete disregard towards any kind of technological impossibilities exhibited by the movie. For instance, all the mad dash around China was simply to secure a golden Orb and decode it. However, when Lara asks her assistant to decode the key and send across the sounds (they discovered that the key was actually sound) she couldn’t understand it. But then she asks him to send across the file. The next sequence simply shows her viewing a holographic projection emanating from the Orb. But I am still clueless how sending a file to her suddenly produced the holography. Magic maybe. Or probably through  telepathic projections from Lara to the Orb. Because the Orb was simply sitting in front of her phone and not connected to a single thing except the wooden table beneath it.

Towards the end of the movie, Lara’s love interest pops down into the hole into which she and the evil billionaire had disappeared a few moments ago. Only to be killed by Lara after professing his love for her. Another thing, she just goes around the place killing all and sundry who happens to bug her. I can understand James Bond doing the same thing as he is ‘Licensed to Kill’; since when was a mere archeologist elevated to the same stature?

All that the movie has to offer are some good fight and flight sequences (I loved the way Lara and her love flew around Hong kong like bats); as well as Lara trying her best to keep up a wooden face throughout the movie. I suppose she thought that made her look tough and gave her that “do-not-mess-with-me” attitude. To me it looked like she was trying to keep from laughing out loud at the stupidities in the movie.

I am glad I never had a chance to see this movie till date. And I regret having seen it today.


Lara – Angelina Jolie

Lara’s love interest – Gerard Butler

Evil Billionaire – Ciarán Hinds

Director – Jan de Bont

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