A New Love in my Life

I have a new love in my life. Don’t worry, I am not cheating on Hubby. Just cheating on my sleep to watch the new comedy show on Star World – called “Melissa and Joey“.

It is a sit-com about a dysfunctional family consisting of – Melissa Burke, a local politician who dreams of making it big in the world of politics, like her Dad; her niece Lennox and nephew Ryder whose parents ran a Ponzi scheme and are in jail (well, the Mom is in jail, and Dad is still a fugitive from the law); Joey Longo, the family’s nanny, or manny, and a free-lance one, as Joey always likes to point out.

The scenes usually shifts between the home and Mel’s office, with more characters like Mel’s Dad (Senator Russell Burke) and her assistant popping up occasionally.

Melissa, who has never taken up responsibility in her life for another human being, is actually experimenting in parenting, by taking on her niece and nephew. She also has a crush on her manny, the muscle-building hunk and cook Joe Longo, but always carefully hides it from him and others.

Joe Longo (played by the hunk Joseph Lawrence) is an astute person who looks gorgeous, and can easily read Mel’s mind and make her toe the line with the kids. He was cheated of all his money by Lennox and Ryder’s Dad, and he has taken up the job of a free-lance manny to make ends meet. And he is a terrific cook, works out and lives in Mel’s basement.

Lennox and Ryder both attend the local school – Lennox is like any other teenage girl, and Ryder is a technophile.

Every now and then, the kids’ grandfather, the ex-Senator Russell Burke, pays a visit and upsets the ‘balance’ created by Mel and joey for the kids.

A hilarious programme with light-hearted banter, it is the perfect way to close a stress-filled day.

Season 1 of the show is being aired on Star World India at 11pm during weekdays.


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