The Internet is Fun on Mobile!

The Internet. A vast expanse of space – mostly unknown and unseen.

The very first time I connected to www on my mobile, I downloaded a game, and was enthralled by the possibilities.

Soon after, I began connecting on a more regular basis, and was reading the news, movie reviews, book reviews, chatting, emailing, playing online games. Recently I even began downloading movies and serials on my cell phone, and looks like my computer is heading for the scrap-bin pretty soon.

My mobile has opened up worlds for me, especially when I have no time to boot up the computer and log on. And even more when Hubby wants to sleep and does not want the glare of the computer in the room. Times like these, my discreet little phone has come to my rescue and changed into a shining white steed, taking me off to new shores on a little 2.5″ screen.

Now, I cannot be without my trusty phone. I can read my ebooks, listen to music, watch movies, read the news, chat with friends and family, check and send emails, connect via Skype – and of course, call, text and MMS. I can watch YouTube videos, listen to Internet Radio, or just browse around. It is kind of like being in a large library, with so many different websites stacked up against each other on the shelves, any an assistant in the form of a search engine to pinpoint the exact one I need to look at for my needs.

Who would have thought – a lowly thing like a hand phone,bringing information and entertainment literally to our fingertips! I love the Internet, even more so because it make my life better and more fun through my mobile.

This post was written for the Indiblogger contest “Internet is Fun“.

Internet is fun!

The internet is fun when you connect with friends, watch videos shared by others, play games online, experience exciting new apps, or get to know someone from the other side of the world. How is the internet fun for you on your mobile?



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