Me.My Bag

I wonder what it is about handbags that gets me all but drooling in a bag shop. The moment one catches my fancy, I go “Wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I just got to have one like that.” And my husband rolls his eyes to the heavens and suddenly turns deaf.  While I stay rooted to the spot, he tries to prod me in another direction where fate cannot tempt me to empty his wallet :).

The other day while shopping at Spencers, I was browsing the bed linen section, while my Husband was playing with our son in the shopping cart. Suddenly a woman slides up to me and compliments me on my bag. Wow! That was definitely a high point in my day. She wanted to know where I bought my bag from. I was trying my best to keep a silly grin from appearing on my face, while my husband hid his more discreetly behind his hand.

After thanking her and telling her where she could find such a bag, I rejoined my husband with a triumphant look. Finally! I now had living proof (literally) for my taste in handbags. When I initially bought the bag, my husband was like, “Why do you waste your money on such things?” And here was a complete stranger walking up to me to admire my taste!

And here is my beautiful bag which garnered compliments –

My Jute Bag


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    • Hmm… thats odd. I wonder why you can’t see the pic. I am nuts about bags too…in fact, my secret desire is to become a bag maker, and sell them all over.

  1. loved the bag, i am big big fan of bags , expecially those made with natural fibre, lots of canvas and cotton bags and they look so ethnic ….

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