Soaking up Life


A typical day in the life of a working woman like me consists of lots of clock-watching, cursing the time, running around and more hurry trying to get things done. Wake up early in the morning, start the preparations for breakfast and then iron the dress I need to wear for the day. Then handover my kid to the maid, and get myself out to get a bus to work.

Of course, there is the luxury of getting an air-conditioned Volvo bus – if I am on time. However, by the time I walk the 1km to the bus stop, I am drenched in my perspiration. And then there is the sweat and smells to be faced in the bus. All this before my work day has begun.

At 5pm, I hop on a bus again, tired and dying to get home, and there’s the 1km walk back. By the time I am home, I am a sweaty mess with soaked clothes that I can literally peel off my body. Then I have to start up dinner, while playing with my kid, and get the clothes washed which is a 2-3 hour job with all the soaking and washing and rinsing. Then feed kid and Hubby, and finally have a bit of rest.

And that is when I really wish I could haul myself – clothes and all – into a washing machine and come out fresh as a daisy. Or even pour myself into a nice relaxing bath. A day like this could soak up anyone’s enthusiasm for life.

Now, I live for the weekends when I can wake up at any time and do whatever I want, without all the hurry-worry of modern life. That is when I soak up life to the fullest. Time passes slowly during a weekend, allowing me to savour every little flavor it offers. And this equips me to face the next week, armed with the knowledge that I have a beautiful weekend coming up in 5 days.

This is a post written for The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest conducted by Indiblogger.




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