In Singapore – Week 1

Been quite some time since  I published any musings here in my space. And there’s a reason – a quite life altering change in my life – I have been transplanted to the Lion City – Singapura. Arrived here last week Sunday.

Since Hubby and Little One are arriving next month, the first thing I needed to do was to find a house, and then to find a school for Little One. I am glad to report that the house part is taken care of – found a house on Monday, and should be moving in within the first week of July.

As for the school – now, that’s more troubling than the house. Little One has never been to a school, or any such structured environment. Whether to put him in a proposer school or a Kindergarten is something we are worrying about. If I were to go for a Kindergarten, then they have openings only in January 2014. Plus all the schools are closed now, since the summer vacation in Singapore is during June.

Well, that aside, I have been to Bugis Street for a good dose of street-retail therapy. And there were 4 exhibitions at Singapore Expo Halls, three of which I visited. The book exhibition was expecially good, with all kinds of student textbooks and guide books available at lowered prices. Bought a couple of colouring books for Little One. I was too tired to walk to the next one, and I had a bad case of shoe bite.

And today has been quite relaxed, with me doing the laundry and watching the Chinese serial ‘The Guest People’ on Channel 8, and two Tamil movies.

But I miss Hubby and Little One dreadfully 😦

And with that I leave you folks….wait for my next update.