In Singapore – Week 2

I am nearly at the end of my second week in Singapore…..and probably at the end of my life as well.

Have you seen the PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) for Singapore? It is now at a record 371 (and anything above 100 is unhealthy and above 300 is hazardous) !!!

All this is due to the burning of vegetation in Sumatra to clear land cheaply. Imagine what the situation would be like in Indonesia and Malaysia now!

Malaysia has already shut down schools, and SG has recommended that people stay indoors, drink plenty of water, cut outdoor activity and immediately go to a hospital if anyone feels unwell.

And my friends tell me this is a yearly occurrence in Singapore, but never has the haze been so bad. In fact, last year it never crossed 100!

Just my luck to be here this year to witness an epoch-making event 😦