Bad_newsI had some bad news today.  This afternoon,  I heard that the wife of a manager had died. Not that I knew him well (being my boss’s boss’s boss), but he invited us to a party for Chinese New Year and was very cordial. That was pretty much the only personal contact I’ve had with this person.  Yet to hear that his wife died,  struck a deep chord in me.

Later that evening,  I had my second bit of bad news – a dear uncle had been diagnosed with a growth in his brain. And doctors were advising him to get it removed as soon as possible.  But being the brain, we were all skeptical about the surgery.

It got me thinking about how much we take life for granted.  We keep making grand plans for the future,  when we don’t even know if we will exist the next day.

It’s just that an illness or a death puts everything into perspective – daily squabbles with your partner, bad marks in school, fights over a silly dish not having been washed properly, and so on. Do any of these things matter when your loved one, the very person with whom you fight so much, has been diagnosed with something serious or life-threatening? Why doe it take a diagnosis or a disaster to bring us to our senses?

Shouldn’t we live each day as if it may be the last we get to spend with our family? Why not call each other more, ask about their day, enquire about ther health, instead of finding non-existent ‘problems’ to fight over, or imagined slights to ponder and turn into an issue? In this fast-paced life, don’t forget the people around you, your family and loved ones.

Living each day as if it were our last doesn’t mean we utterly stop planning for the future. Instead, what it means is – we live in the present, hope for the best and plan for the worst.