Book Review: The Birthday List by Devney Perry

The Birthday ListThe Birthday List by Devney Perry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book was an interesting read, but also extremely clichéd. The story is about a young woman widowed after an year of wedded bliss, and who 5 years later embarks on a quest to free herself from her memories and begin life afresh. As a result, she decides to fulfil her husband’s birthday/bucket list which includes activities like sky-diving, martial arts, as well as unconventional ones like swimming in green jello, pulling a fire alarm…well, you get the idea..
As necessary in any story, there is a knight to rescue the damsel in distress, and he makes his appearance quite early, and from there on its quite smooth sailing for the couple. To throw in some mystery, there’s also the question of solving a murder, but that takes a backseat while the couple waddles through their attraction to each other.
The only thing half-interesting in the story were the items in the bucket list, and the final unfolding of the murder mystery.
Its a nice beach or train read, but don’t expect any eye-openers or anything life-changing in the book.

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