My life feels like a test I didn’t study for.


Yesterday night, we had a Zoom call with my Dad’s side of the family – spanning across 11 households located in India, USA and Singapore. Funnily enough, everyone just kept watching everyone else, scrolling through pages of screens to see what the next person was doing, and hardly anyone speaking. This mode of communication feels so new, and no one knew how to deal with it. Every few minutes someone would ask, “Why isn’t anyone talking?”, triggering a brief conversation, followed by reactions, and then again…silence. Personally, I just like to see people on these calls, instead of participating in actual conversations. Guess, everyone in the family is the same – which doesn’t help on Zoom calls, our new normal.

Around here, video conferencing is mostly done between kids and grandparents – kids love the novelty of being able to see and talk to their grandparents through the phone, while the grandparents get to see the adorable tots and how much they’ve grown. My Son is the same, constantly video-chatting with my parents. While I, do not like my mug on display to anyone, unless it is also accompanied by the rest of my body. But refusing to be on a VC is now akin to sacrilege – “Whats so special about you? How does it matter? We already know what you look like….” are stock retorts. Thing is, talking to someone face-to-face does not usually involve my scowls being snapped and shared on WhatsApp as a reminder of the conversation. Whereas, a VC means there is hard evidence of weird expressions of my jowl for posterity.

And in other news – Singapore has broken yet another record in the competitive field of Covid-19; we have 1426 new cases overnight, and simultaneously took the crown for worst affected South East Asian nation. So much for all the great press we got earlier, for having controlled the outbreak.

Here’s hoping tomorrow brings better news and cheer.