I’m at a place in my life when errands are starting to count as going out.


We are on Day 15 of the Circuit Breaker (CB) period in Singapore. Who would have thought that, yesterday, the Prime Minister was going to drop a bombshell in the form of extending CB till June 1st 2020?! Yes, many of us kept asking each other , how can we end CB by May 4th, our cases are increasing by 1000+ every day. Yet, it was still a shock to have our fears validated.

Additionally, school holidays are being moved from June to May, so as to coincide with the Circuit Breaker extension period. Not really sure why that’s being done, but my personal thoughts are thus: If the Circuit Breaker measures end on June 1st, followed by a month-long School break, it could result in a mass exodus out of Singapore to any goddamn place that still allows flights/boats/cars. Which will be followed by everyone flocking back into Singapore, after having thoroughly enjoyed vacations – thereby, potentially kickstarting the dreaded ‘third wave’ of Covid-19. By rescheduling the mid year School break to co-occur with the CB measures, the government is in effect ensuring that people don’t go gadding off the moment these measures are lifted. Not that it can be controlled entirely…..anyway, this is my opinion on the matter.

Nearly had a panic attack yesterday; I was hanging clothes outside our balcony, and picked up one of the pegs, and there it went 😰….flying down to the sunshade! You might ask – what went flying? The mask, of course – the single most essential item of clothing now known to Singapore residents! You may leave the house without a stitch of clothing on, but certainly not without a mask 😂

The Infamous Mask

Husband wasn’t too pleased, seeing that it was his mask that went on the uncharted flight. Muttering ‘sweet nothings’ under his breath, he unscrewed the handle of a mop, sellotaped a knife to one end and fished out the mask from the sunshade; all the while, throwing me dirty looks 😐. At the end of this breath-stopping ‘ordeal’, he didn’t have much to say beyond – ‘Take better care next time.” Hmmmm, rethinking the whole incident now, it would have probably made for a nice excursion to the forbidden ‘Outlands’ – had the wind picked up and dropped the mask 15 storeys down to the ground. Oh well, maybe next time…..