I drink to make other people more interesting.

Ernest Hemingway

Weekend #3 since Circuit Breaker commenced in Singapore: The current tally of Covid-19 positives in Singapore stands at 13,624, which sadly isn’t very encouraging as far as lifting Circuit Breaker is concerned. Unfortunately, evidence indicates that people aren’t any closer to accepting the current state of affairs. If anything, many are exhibiting weirder behaviour than usual.

Take the case of this woman who felt she had to spit and shout at a KFC outlet staff simply because she was asked to wait for her order! I wonder if the spitting managed to get her the order faster. Then there are the xenophobic ones – a guy felt he had to exercise his ‘God-given’ right to spew venom against the migrant worker community in Singapore through Twitter.

Friday evening, Husband decided to order dinner from a restaurant ‘Featherblade’ – a place we had never ordered from before. Well, let me just say that we will never be their customer again. Firstly, the food was delivered really late – about an hour later than they originally said. That alone wouldn’t have mattered. But, the quantity provided was miniscule, and most of it was inedible. We’d ordered a burger, which was still red and raw inside. The beef was tasteless and hard. Potato wedges – I don’t even know if they were made of potato. So Friday night dinner was a disaster.

Saturday and Saturday – Son and I played online games with my brother and sis-in-law. We video-called using Google Hangouts and played party games on Steam – Jackbox. There was a game called Drawful that required each to draw things and the rest to guess what was drawn. Then there was Dictionarium, that makes up words and meanings. That was a new experience and a really fun one. We played for about an hour each day, after which we’d go have lunch while they went for dinner.

On Saturday, Husband also atoned for his Friday disaster by making one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had – Tender Coconut Martini. It was fabulous and really simple to make! Mix vodka, natural coconut water, sugar, ice and shake it up in a cocktail shaker. Voila! You have a fantastic drink for dinner.

All in all, a beautiful weekend with a divine drink and games 🙂