Candy is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.

Rebecca Gober

Once again, I’m running out of ideas to write about. And to think there’s more than a month of Circuit Breaker to get through! Plus, I really need to get better at choosing headings for my blog posts. Maybe this is a symptom of the Monday blues.

Today I saw a report about an American family who simply could not do without swimming (all condo pools have been shut down on account of Covid-19), that they chose to rent the pool of a nearby Sentosa Cove private villa for S$10,000! For a land boasting Crazy Rich Asians, I must say that other continents too have equally privileged nuts.

The best aspect of this week is that it’s short. Just 4 more days and we bid adieu to this week and month. And boy, has this been one long month! May 1st or May Day or Labour Day is a public holiday in Singapore. Here is hoping May brings better tidings than the past four months of this year.

There’s nothing scarier than the prospect of harm coming to our kids. So far, the only silver lining of the pandemic is that kids are being spared the worst. That’s when a rather chilling Guardian article caught my attention this evening – an increased number of children across UK have been referred to hospitals suffering from baffling symptoms. Doctors are worried whether this is a fallout of Covid-19. I hope nothing more comes of the story, and it’s found to be nothing.