Girls and Their Right to a Career

Spicy Saturday Pick

  Post selected as a Spicy Saturday Pick in BlogAdda for 10-Dec-2011 Featured at Symptoms of Disempowerment on 22-Dec-2011. Featured at Global Voices Online on 17-Dec-2011 Here is my 100th post on Merry Musings - and I wanted to take this time to write of a girl I know, who has been banned from having… Continue reading Girls and Their Right to a Career

The Day Dad was Almost Shot

I am dedicating this post to a person who has always supported, chastised, encouraged and loved me throughout my life - My DAD! This is an incident that happened in my family during the infamous Gulf War in 1990. It was the year I started at my new school in the Third standard. The year… Continue reading The Day Dad was Almost Shot

And the Award Goes To……….(drumrolls)

Here is an award conferred by Elegant Chic - The Sunshine Award. And there is also a tag to go along with it - My Favourites. My Favourite: Food: Spaghetti Carbonara - loved it ever since I had a sampling at Naples (Itay) Colour: Blue Sports: Lazing about on the couch Desserts: The list is… Continue reading And the Award Goes To……….(drumrolls)