Galaxy, Galaxy, which art thou?

A few weeks ago, I was pointing out the moon and the stars to my Little One. Once he had mastered those creations, I moved on to a more abstract concept – the galaxy.

To start off, I asked him, “Do you know which galaxy we are in?”

And his confident answer –  “Yes, Samsung Galaxy.”

That’s the power of advertising!

My Latest Post at World Moms Blog

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It describes the travails of travelling with a 15-month old who simply will not let himself be set down anywhere with people within a 100 m radius.

Boys vs. Climbing

I wonder what it is with boys and climbing – anything 2 feet above the ground seems to sends them into spasms of utter joy and lands them in climbing heaven.

Little One has decided that climbing over tables and chairs is the current ‘IN’ thing for one-year-olds and is now busy climbing over all the furniture in the house.

His favourite pastime is climbing over the living-room couch, and then moving on to the next one by crawling over the hand-rests and then pulling up the curtains near it.

And finally, yesterday I got a real bad scare.

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