Dastkar presents ‘Nature Bazaar’


Last Sunday we went to the Dastkar Nature Bazaar – its last day in Bangalore. A beautiful potpourri of crafts from different parts of India were showcased at the Fair. We were just sorry that we didn’t get to go there earlier.

Here are some sights from the Fair –

The Fair Ground

Threads used for hair braiding which was being done by an expert there.

Bamboo Windchimes

Traditional Puppet Show

More Puppets

Puppets Closeup

One of the Stalls

Fabric chains

Ringing Bells?

Lighted Paper lamp

Traditionally packaged Electric Lamps

Bottle Art

Paper products made with the finest recycled elephant poo in India.

Beautiful Madhubhani paintings

A Kite Seller’s stall

Lamp made from Bottle Gourd (Lauki)

Lauki Lamp

Lighted Marble Lamp

A close-up of a lighted Marble Lamp

The Fair Grounds at Night




The Dance of the Nambiar Lady

Nangiar Koothu – roughly translated as “The Dance of the Nambiar Lady” – is a theatre art traditionally performed by ladies belonging to the “Nambiar”community in Kerala. However, owing to its vast popularity, even foreigners come from far to learn this venerable art.

Though it carries the misnomer of Koothu (meaning Dance), in actuality, it is a bevy of facial expressions and subtle movements conveying a story to the audience. It is accompanied by a ‘mizhavu‘ (a kind of drum) and an ‘elathalam‘ (similar to cymbals but much smaller and musical).

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To a first-timer, the dance looks very slow and majestic and the subtle changes in expressions of the artiste is breathtaking. Continue reading