In Singapore – Week 1

Been quite some time since  I published any musings here in my space. And there's a reason - a quite life altering change in my life - I have been transplanted to the Lion City - Singapura. Arrived here last week Sunday. Since Hubby and Little One are arriving next month, the first thing I… Continue reading In Singapore – Week 1

Second Move in 8 Months

So, the title says it all. We have moved house yet another time, the second shifting in 8 months. Yesterday was the grand day. After getting all kinds of reassurances from the owner that the house was in spick-and-span condition, we had a minor shock when we moved in. The house reeked of fresh paint,… Continue reading Second Move in 8 Months

Discoveries in my Neighbourhood – Books and Malls

This weekend has been spent in discoveries around my neighbourhood. I have located my favourite place around my home - Crosswords bookstore right behind my home 🙂 I haven't set foot inside and I already know that it is going to be my favourite place. In addition, I saw them advertising an 80% off sale.… Continue reading Discoveries in my Neighbourhood – Books and Malls