In Singapore – Week 2

I am nearly at the end of my second week in Singapore.....and probably at the end of my life as well. Have you seen the PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) for Singapore? It is now at a record 371 (and anything above 100 is unhealthy and above 300 is hazardous) !!! All this is due to… Continue reading In Singapore – Week 2

Girls and Their Right to a Career

Spicy Saturday Pick

  Post selected as a Spicy Saturday Pick in BlogAdda for 10-Dec-2011 Featured at Symptoms of Disempowerment on 22-Dec-2011. Featured at Global Voices Online on 17-Dec-2011 Here is my 100th post on Merry Musings - and I wanted to take this time to write of a girl I know, who has been banned from having… Continue reading Girls and Their Right to a Career

Status Symbols in Today’s World

In the corporate world today, cellphones are more of a status symbol than a device to be used in case of necessity. Listen to what a Mumbai-ite has to say about this development and how it is affecting his work-life. " I have a Blackberry, which pretty much serves all my communication needs, be it… Continue reading Status Symbols in Today’s World