Going on Vacation

After a long long time, I am back in my blog. My work schedule was killing me, and now that it is December, things have finally eased off. And that brings me back to my blog. So how have things been....we are nearly at the end of another year, and there have been so many… Continue reading Going on Vacation

In Singapore – Week 1

Been quite some time since  I published any musings here in my space. And there's a reason - a quite life altering change in my life - I have been transplanted to the Lion City - Singapura. Arrived here last week Sunday. Since Hubby and Little One are arriving next month, the first thing I… Continue reading In Singapore – Week 1

Marvellous Melbourne

  'Melbourne' - the name evoked images of cosmopolitan chic and...the lyrics from a popular Tamil song - "TELEPHONE manipoal sirippaval ivalaa MELBOURNE malarpoal melliya magalaa...." As I awaited my flight to Melbourne, I was eagerly anticipating the fun I'd have there. I'd already read up a lot on the city - it was supposed… Continue reading Marvellous Melbourne