Off Work for 7 Days

I am finally off work for the next seven days!!!!! Did you hear that? SEVEN whole days off work, without telephone calls (well, that's hoping a bit too much), no client escalation emails - Wow! Its going to be a treat for my tired eyes. All I plan to do during these days is to… Continue reading Off Work for 7 Days

Tired from Work

Nowadays I am so tired from work, that I hardly know when or where to start blogging. All I want to do when I get home is to sleep, sleep and sleep. And tough luck, I am supposed to be working this weekend as well. We have a release planned for this weekend and I… Continue reading Tired from Work

The Family on the Way to Work

Everyday on my way to work, I see a little family staying on the roadside pavement. It consists of a Papa, Mama and 3 kids - a girl, a boy and a baby (I think thats a girl too). They have a small lean-to made from a flex poster of the Congress party and some… Continue reading The Family on the Way to Work