My Latest Post at World Moms Blog

Check out my latest post at World Moms Blog : Wedding Blues It describes the travails of travelling with a 15-month old who simply will not let himself be set down anywhere with people within a 100 m radius.

The Day I Lost My Heart

I was walking back from office one evening when I suddenly decided that I wanted to check out the neighbourhood FabIndia shop. It was around 6 by the time I came out of the shop, but not yet dark. And instead of the usual direct way home, I took the more circuitous way (which is… Continue reading The Day I Lost My Heart

The Family on the Way to Work

Everyday on my way to work, I see a little family staying on the roadside pavement. It consists of a Papa, Mama and 3 kids - a girl, a boy and a baby (I think thats a girl too). They have a small lean-to made from a flex poster of the Congress party and some… Continue reading The Family on the Way to Work