Dastkar presents ‘Nature Bazaar’

Last Sunday we went to the Dastkar Nature Bazaar - its last day in Bangalore. A beautiful potpourri of crafts from different parts of India were showcased at the Fair. We were just sorry that we didn't get to go there earlier. Here are some sights from the Fair - The Fair Ground Threads used… Continue reading Dastkar presents ‘Nature Bazaar’

How to Wake Up Late and Still Make it On Time

Towards the end of my sojourn in Italy (refer to my post Viva Italia), I was working all kinds of hours and finally on a Friday, had the entire thing wrapped up. But by then, I was crazed for sleep and ready to nod off at a moment's notice. My flight to Trivandrum via Rome… Continue reading How to Wake Up Late and Still Make it On Time

The Family on the Way to Work

Everyday on my way to work, I see a little family staying on the roadside pavement. It consists of a Papa, Mama and 3 kids - a girl, a boy and a baby (I think thats a girl too). They have a small lean-to made from a flex poster of the Congress party and some… Continue reading The Family on the Way to Work