Boys vs. Climbing

I wonder what it is with boys and climbing – anything 2 feet above the ground seems to sends them into spasms of utter joy and lands them in climbing heaven.

Little One has decided that climbing over tables and chairs is the current ‘IN’ thing for one-year-olds and is now busy climbing over all the furniture in the house.

His favourite pastime is climbing over the living-room couch, and then moving on to the next one by crawling over the hand-rests and then pulling up the curtains near it.

And finally, yesterday I got a real bad scare.

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The Day I Lost My Heart

I was walking back from office one evening when I suddenly decided that I wanted to check out the neighbourhood FabIndia shop. It was around 6 by the time I came out of the shop, but not yet dark. And instead of the usual direct way home, I took the more circuitous way (which is incidentally why I got to write this post)

Filled with thoughts of my smiling, giggly Baby at home, I was fast approaching my home. And that’s when I heard it – a tiny whimper. It sounded like someone wounded. Continue reading “The Day I Lost My Heart”

The Family on the Way to Work

Everyday on my way to work, I see a little family staying on the roadside pavement. It consists of a Papa, Mama and 3 kids – a girl, a boy and a baby (I think thats a girl too). They have a small lean-to made from a flex poster of the Congress party and some plastic sacks.

In the morning when I walk that way, the kids are busy performing their morning ablutions around 100 m away from their home, while the Mama is busy stirring a pot over a fire, always with the baby lying across her lap.There are coconut husks and shells strewn at another corner, and it is like the whole pavement belongs to them.

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My Bundle of Joy

Having a baby around can be fun…and it can make you tear your hair out at times.

With a 7 month-old at home, I am right now in the fun stage especially since he hasn’t yet discovered the joys(!) of being able to crawl. All he has learned so far is to turn over on his stomach and rotate at that spot. Though he is doing his best with the skills learned so far :-).

For some reason, he seems to think that lying on his stomach and twirling his hands and legs in the air and then doing a mini push-up, will get him to his desired destination (which is usually the TV remote or my cell-phone). After his push-up, he looks expectantly at the object of his desire (expecting it to be at his reach) and then turns away since it still hasn’t moved closer to him 🙂

Another favourite (mine, actually) is how excited he gets when he is lying on the bed, and sees someone walking about or standing near to him. This seems to signal to him that he ought to be in that person’s arms; next, he raises his arms high and starts cooing and gurgling in baby-talk. And if that person does not notice him, then get set for an avalanche of scoldings from him, which kind of goes like this: “Thi thee thii geeeeee thi thi thi aaaaaa thai thai geee….” 🙂

It just tickles him pink to be laid on the bed. The designs on the bedspread are always a source of wonder for him, as is the possibility of being able to roll around in the blankets. Here is a pic of my bundle of joy –

My Bundle of Joy