How To Get Married In India

We Indians love everything large when it comes to a wedding – lavish garments and jewellery, pompous ceremonies, songs, dances, rituals and feasts. There is even a television programme called 'The Big Fat Indian Wedding' which celebrates this trend in India. In this culturally rich land of rituals and taboos, how does one actually go… Continue reading How To Get Married In India

Is Arranged Marriage a Good Thing?

This post has been selected as a Tangy Tuesday Pick on BlogAdda for Apr 12 2011 I first met her five long years ago and we became part of the same group before long. We used to have such fun teasing her on her accent and the way she couldn't pronounce certain words. In Malayalam… Continue reading Is Arranged Marriage a Good Thing?

Marriage and Babies

Selected Spicy Saturday Pick in BlogAdda for 13-11-2010 In India, everyone (well, a lot anyway) seems to think that having a girl baby is a huge burden. There is the trouble of making sure that no one ogled her during her growing years, worries about whether she'll get a 'proper' husband, then finding a proper… Continue reading Marriage and Babies