The Day Dad was Almost Shot

I am dedicating this post to a person who has always supported, chastised, encouraged and loved me throughout my life - My DAD! This is an incident that happened in my family during the infamous Gulf War in 1990. It was the year I started at my new school in the Third standard. The year… Continue reading The Day Dad was Almost Shot

Christmas Nostalgia

The smell of freshly baked cakes in the nipping air.....the sound of pealing bells.....the merry chatter of playing kids....these are all part of the special memories of Christmas. The word 'Christmas' is synonymous with happiness, holidays and cakes. In school, teachers would be in a hurry to finish off the portions for the Christmas exams,… Continue reading Christmas Nostalgia

Genesis of a Blog

In the beginning, she created the blog.  The blog was formless and empty, and darkness covered the settings of the blog. And the spirit of the creator was hovering over the surface of the blog. And evening passed and morning came, marking the first day. Then she said, "Let there be a theme". And she… Continue reading Genesis of a Blog