Snapshots of Deepavali

And finally the day is hereĀ  - Diwali, also known as "Deepavali' - The Festival of Lights. On this historic day, Lord Rama vanquished the evil King Raavan, and returned triumphantly to Ayodhya. And in honour of this occasion, all of India celebrates it by cleaning out their homes, lighting lamps and being decked out… Continue reading Snapshots of Deepavali

Finally…The Garden City

After a rather uneventful New Year and a journey across 2 states, we have reached our destination - The Garden City. When we arrived 2 months ago for a spot visit, the place was freezing, and it was raining all the time. This time when we arrived, the weather was much better and it has… Continue reading Finally…The Garden City

Christmas Nostalgia

The smell of freshly baked cakes in the nipping air.....the sound of pealing bells.....the merry chatter of playing kids....these are all part of the special memories of Christmas. The word 'Christmas' is synonymous with happiness, holidays and cakes. In school, teachers would be in a hurry to finish off the portions for the Christmas exams,… Continue reading Christmas Nostalgia

Thanksgiving Day across Cultures is Thanksgiving Day today in the United States. Or so my calendar proclaims. That set me did the custom of Thanksgiving originate? Is it exclusive to the United States or are there such customs the world over? For that matter, what are the Americans giving thanks for when they celebrate Thanksgiving? I donned… Continue reading Thanksgiving Day across Cultures