For all the Cooking Nuts out there

For all of you who are nuts about cooking, or even for those among you who go nuts when cooking (like yours truly), here is a site especially meant for you folks. Cookzillas is a google-search styled site which allows you to find recipes simply by keying in the ingredients you have on hand. For… Continue reading For all the Cooking Nuts out there

Discoveries in my Neighbourhood – Books and Malls

This weekend has been spent in discoveries around my neighbourhood. I have located my favourite place around my home - Crosswords bookstore right behind my home 🙂 I haven't set foot inside and I already know that it is going to be my favourite place. In addition, I saw them advertising an 80% off sale.… Continue reading Discoveries in my Neighbourhood – Books and Malls

Christmas Nostalgia

The smell of freshly baked cakes in the nipping air.....the sound of pealing bells.....the merry chatter of playing kids....these are all part of the special memories of Christmas. The word 'Christmas' is synonymous with happiness, holidays and cakes. In school, teachers would be in a hurry to finish off the portions for the Christmas exams,… Continue reading Christmas Nostalgia

Last Day at Work…Yipppeeee :-)

Two more days and it will be the last day at my very first job......Then, we are moving to the Garden City. We are very apprehensive of how we will manage things, since we are moving  to a completely unknown city. We will need to find a place to stay, furniture for the new apartment… Continue reading Last Day at Work…Yipppeeee 🙂