Day 15: Story Of A Mask

I’m at a place in my life when errands are starting to count as going out.Anonymous We are on Day 15 of the Circuit Breaker (CB) period in Singapore. Who would have thought that, yesterday, the Prime Minister was going to drop a bombshell in the form of extending CB till June 1st 2020?! Yes,… Continue reading Day 15: Story Of A Mask

Day 7: Another Blah Day

Life is hard; it's harder if you are stupid.John Wayne We've completed a whole week of circuit-breaker measures in Singapore. And yesterday, we had the largest number of positive cases - 386, racking up the national tally to 2918 . The government is handing out fines and warnings like candy, because - PEOPLE JUST DON'T… Continue reading Day 7: Another Blah Day

Day 3: Good Friday

Your grandparents were called to war. You're being called to sit on your couch. You can do this.@SaraJefry on Twitter Today is Good Friday - observed by Christians across the globe, commemorating the suffering and crucifixion of Christ. Singapore has a Catholic Radio app that offers services to believers, instituted once there were Covid19 clusters linked… Continue reading Day 3: Good Friday

Girls and Their Right to a Career

Spicy Saturday Pick

  Post selected as a Spicy Saturday Pick in BlogAdda for 10-Dec-2011 Featured at Symptoms of Disempowerment on 22-Dec-2011. Featured at Global Voices Online on 17-Dec-2011 Here is my 100th post on Merry Musings - and I wanted to take this time to write of a girl I know, who has been banned from having… Continue reading Girls and Their Right to a Career