Christmas Nostalgia

The smell of freshly baked cakes in the nipping air.....the sound of pealing bells.....the merry chatter of playing kids....these are all part of the special memories of Christmas. The word 'Christmas' is synonymous with happiness, holidays and cakes. In school, teachers would be in a hurry to finish off the portions for the Christmas exams,… Continue reading Christmas Nostalgia

Finding a Maid

We have a maid to care for Baby when we are off at work. The Maid is a funny being - she comes from a family of 10 - a band of 4 sisters and 6 brothers. She is a spinster and believes that all her brothers' wives are devils in disguise....I'd rather not go… Continue reading Finding a Maid

My Oldest Book and its Memories

The title of this post is rather misleading...because my oldest book is certainly not my favourite. That honour goes to the wonderful book "Anne of Green Gables" by L.M. Montgomery. One fine Friday morning thirteen years ago, while I was browsing through the Library of my Sunday School (I was in Kuwait at the time,… Continue reading My Oldest Book and its Memories