A Tribute – We love you Taruni


I just saw the news of Taruni Sachdev’s death on IBN. For those of you who are not familiar with the name, here she is –

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Popularly known as the ‘Rasna Girl’, Taruni started her acting career at the tender ago of 5, when she starred in the Rasna ads. She has since appeared in over 50 ads, and starred in several movies – the most famous being the Amitabh-starrer ‘Paa’. She has also acted in several regional language movies such as Sathyam and Vellinakshatram in Malayalam, both of which turned her into the darling of the masses in Kerala.

Taruni was on her way to Pokhara in Nepal along with her mother Geetha Sachdev, when the carrier crashed into the Jomsom airport.

Such a promising star, an adorable girl, all turned to dust and ashes in a matter of a few seconds. Tragedies like these remind us of the transient nature of life – how precious and precarious it is.

May the Lord give the Sachdev family the strength to bear with the loss of Taruni and her mother Geetha.

Music to My Ears

My whole family is into music. My brother’s iPod is stuffed with all kinds of music (genres: unknown/too varied to list here). Hubby thinks  Bryan Adams is the cat’s own whiskers (or maybe I ought to change that to a dog idiom as Hubby detests cats).  Dad and Mom love all the oldie goldie Malayalam songs and have vinyl records and cassette recordings to prove it.

I wonder – am I the only person in my family who hates songs? Continue reading “Music to My Ears”

Memoirs of a Wedding

Today is my Grandmother’s 7th day death anniversary. And it reminded me of an incident she narrated to us kids – about her marriage.

The story of how my Grandma (hereafter referred to as ‘Amma’) got married is rather amusing. Eons ago (well, to be honest, must be the 1940s), Amma was at the tender age of 18, and being the oldest of the flock, had to be married off. This was my Great-Grandma’s decision (referred to as ‘Ammamma’ from now on). Now, Amma was supposedly the Miss World of the neighbourhood (in her own words, not mine) because she was constantly being picked to give flowers to visiting Bishops, for any special functions at Church and so on. So, once she reached 18, it was imperative that she be married off. Continue reading “Memoirs of a Wedding”