How To Get Married In India

We Indians love everything large when it comes to a wedding – lavish garments and jewellery, pompous ceremonies, songs, dances, rituals and feasts. There is even a television programme called ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ which celebrates this trend in India.

In this culturally rich land of rituals and taboos, how does one actually go about tying the knot? I mean, what is the process preceding the actual ceremony (You can read about what happens after the wedding here).

There are several ways to do this –

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Memoirs of a Wedding

Today is my Grandmother’s 7th day death anniversary. And it reminded me of an incident she narrated to us kids – about her marriage.

The story of how my Grandma (hereafter referred to as ‘Amma’) got married is rather amusing. Eons ago (well, to be honest, must be the 1940s), Amma was at the tender age of 18, and being the oldest of the flock, had to be married off. This was my Great-Grandma’s decision (referred to as ‘Ammamma’ from now on). Now, Amma was supposedly the Miss World of the neighbourhood (in her own words, not mine) because she was constantly being picked to give flowers to visiting Bishops, for any special functions at Church and so on. So, once she reached 18, it was imperative that she be married off. Continue reading “Memoirs of a Wedding”

Finally…The Garden City

After a rather uneventful New Year and a journey across 2 states, we have reached our destination – The Garden City.

When we arrived 2 months ago for a spot visit, the place was freezing, and it was raining all the time. This time when we arrived, the weather was much better and it has actually been warm. However, during the past few days, the thermometer has been threatening to go downhill and it there is a cold breeze most of the time.

There was a very interesting incident the other day. We are staying with my cousin and his wife and they don’t have a parking spot for their car. So, they (and around half the neighbourhood) park their vehicles along the kerb in front of their apartments.

Now, this area is stuffed with people of a certain region, who are among the most affluent and powerful around here. In order to spare the feelings of any who belong to this group, I will call them simply by the code name – “The Rudes”. Head Rude

A Rude family lives opposite our apartment and my cousin parked his car by their to the left of their home. the car was neither blocking their gate, nor was it bothering them in any other way. However, the Head Rude wanted the car to be removed, because, he claimed that the spot was his (as if the Government has given him the deed to the road) as all the surrounding area belonged to him. Therefore, he wanted the right to park anywhere that he chose. Cousin politely told him that he had no right to say that the road belonged to him. However, Cousin also said that he was willing to remove the vehicle if it bothered him so much.

CarBut nooooooo, the Head Rude would not be pacified. He wanted a fight, and what followed was a one-sided slanging match. The Head Rude, in spite of being told that the car would be removed, persisted in threats to call the Police and have the car towed away. Fed up with the guy, Cousin walked away 3 or 4 times after telling him to stuff it and do whatsoever was in his power. Each time, he would call back Cousin with some other infuraiting comment. And the best part was that, Head Rude was standing in his balcony and shouting out the threats, and didn’t even deign to come down (he probably feared that he wouldn’t be able to go back in a single piece if he came down).

Things began to get out of hand when Head Rude started calling names, again, in spite of being told that the car would be removed (I wonder what on earth was bugging him!). The neighbours started entering the fray and siding with Cousin. Finally, some relatives of the Head Rude pulled him away from the scene and apologised and politely asked Cousin to remove to car.

Placated, Cousin decided to move the car and parked it elsewhere.

Epilogue: Later in the evening when Cousin and Hubby went out, Head Rude came down from his Tower, and uttered a single word – “Saaaarrrry”*

*meaning Sorry in local dialect 🙂