Who invented the ‘Pause’ icon?

The other day as I was going to the office, I saw a billboard - with a huge red Pause icon. The moment I say 'Pause' , most of us have a clear symbol in mind - But, how did this symbol come to be associated with the Pause in our MP3 players, iPods, DVD… Continue reading Who invented the ‘Pause’ icon?

A Tryst with Colour

India being a land where almost 98% of its populace sport black hair, it has always been my wish to try hair colour. Also, most Indians being blessed with a dusky complexion, even the most common hair shades may not suit their skin, making them look like they have indeed been using hair colour. However,… Continue reading A Tryst with Colour

Discoveries in my Neighbourhood – Books and Malls

This weekend has been spent in discoveries around my neighbourhood. I have located my favourite place around my home - Crosswords bookstore right behind my home 🙂 I haven't set foot inside and I already know that it is going to be my favourite place. In addition, I saw them advertising an 80% off sale.… Continue reading Discoveries in my Neighbourhood – Books and Malls

The Book and The Movie – Eat Pray Love, PS I Love You

Recently, I had a chance to watch 2 movies - P.S. I Love You and the well-acclaimed Eat, Pray, Love. Around 2 weeks later, I also got my hands on the original books - P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Actually I am still reading Eat, Pray,… Continue reading The Book and The Movie – Eat Pray Love, PS I Love You